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Biopic: the incorporation of the author’s work as a narrative resource

Marcela Andrea Negro
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


In recent decades, we have been experiencing a boom of the so-called biopics (interpreted and recreated biographical stories (Vidal, 2014) in both film screens and in the rest of the media available for the spread of audiovisual fiction productions.
Through this work, I proposed to describe how the director/creator takes up elements of the discipline or the work corresponding to the portrayed personality and incorporates them into the design of the story.
In some cases, the use of these works may be reflected and will have an organizing function in structural terms of the story; in others, as markers of an aesthetic criterion or as a determiner of genre or subgenre. The use of these resources enriches the narration and collaborates in the creation of more attractive stories, digging into the discursive effects and the aesthetic mark.
Understanding how these resources are incorporated is a valuable tool for those who seek to develop their creative abilities to apply them in the production of these types of stories.

Palavras-chave Biopic, Estrutura Narrativa, Narrativa, Recursos Narrativos, Relato.
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