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Aesthetics of camera movement in Afghan cinema

Abbas mohammadi
Afghan film, Afghanistan


The movement of the camera in the cinema alone cannot create a beautiful image because it is just a movement. But when the camera movement is mixed with mezzanine and composition it can create a feeling and convey it to the audience In essence, it evokes the audience’s inner feelings about the subject and the story being told within the film. Each film has a specific narrative for its story. Special narration of the film story, the specific type of movement requires the same story Therefore, great care must be taken in the type of use of camera movements because if the type of camera movement does not match the type of drama narration and film structure In terms of effectiveness, it can damage the film And it has the opposite effect and as a result causes the film to fail for a specific and general audience.
In the past, most movements were performed with the simplest tools in many cases, these movements could not properly convey that sense of movement to the audience. But today the movements are done with advanced and precise tools. In Western countries, the moving objects in the cinema are mostly controlled by very precise computer tools and exactly the movement that the director intends to achieve. But in a country like Afghanistan, which is far behind Western countries in terms of technology and modernity, they still use the same old tools. This makes camera movements very basic in films made in Afghanistan. Of course, it should not be forgotten that given the economic situation in Afghanistan, Filmmakers cannot provide the minimum tools they need. They try to make many tools by hand from the least available tools to produce their favorite movie.

Palavras-chave Estética, Cinema, Camera Motion, Tecnologia, Composição.
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