Revivalismo dos Cartazes de Cinema de 1946–1951.




The current project emerged from a partnership between the Master in Design and Arquivo Municipal da Póvoa de Varzim, where cinema posters between 1946–1951 were analized.
Depending on our state of mind or certain moment, it’s perceived that it’s constantly resorted to revivalism. And why? Is this the strength of innovation or just a longing desire? Starting from this idea, the objective of this study is the revivalism of the posters found, the return of these to the memory of viewers, as well as the impact on those who don’t know them.
For such project, several researches around the cinema of this era were taken, such as a documentary analysis to dissect all that these posters had of relevant, from the theme, colours or fonts used.
Subsequently, an experimental / empirical investigation was undertaken, based on methodologies focused on design.
Accordingly in this phase of the project, some results were reached, as the combination of various typefaces in a fluid and cohesive way, with an easy reading, comprehension and attraction of each composition developed.
Thus, attractive information for each film proposal, it was possible to achieve unity in compositions, simultaneously legible and captivating for the public.
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