Capítulo I _ Cinema – Arte

A reunião: um diálogo entre a arte e o design para gestão e criação de um produto audiovisual em meio a pandemia de COVID-19 Orlando José Dantas Lopes

Orlando José Dantas Lopes
Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
Paulo Fernando de Almeida Souza
Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


This project promotes a dialogue between contemporary art, cinema and design, seeking to develop an audiovisual project using limited resources in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study starts from a creative process focused on a poetics materialized through masks designed in the form of sculptures and installations that are transmuted into three-dimensional performance elements, composing costumes and scenarios suitable for creative exploration in the scope of photography and audiovisual production. The narratives and aesthetics are designed with light and shadow effects, emptiness and filling, space and non-space concepts. The social isolation caused by the new Coronavirus is personified through sensations and experiences of color, light and darkness, creating a ritualistic atmosphere of transformation of the self, starting from the principles of belief and faith, in addition to a cycle of learning and unveiling in an obscure environment. The methodology used was based on design thinking strategies, interviews with creators and potential consumers, scriptwriting, scale, costume development, photomontages and prototyping of the proposed audiovisual product. Making a creative proposal during the social isolation proved to be a methodological, managerial, financial, technical and mental challenge, in view of the overload of activities for the team members and the difficulties generated by remote work, with decision-making that is often time-consuming and dense. This study is relevant for creators, producers, designers and visual artists interested in producing audiovisual products with a strong creative appeal and at the same time with limited resources, using methodologies focused on remote team work.

Palavras-chave Video art, Arte performativa, Máscaras cerâmicas, Arte e design, pandemia de Covid19.
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