The Artist and the Art in ‘O Guarani’, by José de Alencar, an adaptation by Pedro Pernambuco
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Processo colaborativo
Arte em tempos pandémicos
Home-made art
Dança popular brasileira
História transmédia



During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Família Pernambuco2, a folk-dance group, decides to gather people to produce an online video dance presentation and face the challenges of the year 2020 through art.
Formed by people of different ages and professional backgrounds, with artistic experience or not and spread around some cities in the world, the group was engaged in the process of the production of the show ‘O Guarani’ by Pedro Pernambuco, an adaptation of the homonymous work by the Brazilian romantic writer, José de Alencar.
The original work narrates the unconditional love of the indigenous, Peri for the young white lady, Ceci. For Pedro Pernambuco, Peri represents the artist who does everything to protect his love, the art, Ceci. Thus, this is the encounter of the Artist with the Art. In this adaptation all participants were invited to go deep in search of their own art and the meaning of it to their lives.
From this collection of home-made recordings, the group, formed only by volunteers, gathered everybody’s participations to produce the narrative of their own findings as artists, who through the dance and the acting, defended the Art, as Peri did with Ceci.
Under the general direction of Pedro Pernambuco and Carmen Queiroz and with poems by Amélia Veloso3 and direction of choreography by José W. Júnior, the video dance show ‘O Guarani’, by Pedro Pernambuco will be released in the end of the first semester of 2021 on open video-streaming platforms.
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