Capítulo I _ Cinema – Arte

Manon de Boer looks at the arts: The performative body through repetition

Elisenda Díaz Garcés
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, España


This communication aims to understand the cinematographic gaze towards the performative arts, unfolded by the audiovisual proposals of the experimental filmmaker Manon de Boer. Her work will be considered to appreciate how the camera records the creative act of the performing bodies, generating rhythmic visual-sound relationships of repetition and difference.
The performative arts theory will be the key starting point for addressing De Boer’s subversive cinematic perception proposal. In addition, in order to understand the performative nature of the artistic work of these bodies, an incursion into the gesture and the disruption will be plotted, with the purpose of placing its iterative condition as a possibility of change, as a subversive difference.

Palavras-chave Cinema experimental, cinema e outras artes, artes performativas, ensaio, repetição.
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