Capítulo I _ Cinema – Arte

Imagem e memória – uma reflexão sobre processo criativo na memória de curto prazo

Hugo Canossa
CIAC – Instituto Universitário da Maia, Portugal
Rosimária Rocha
CIAC – Universidade Aberta, Portugal
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


Talking about image and memory in the artistic scenario made us call upon Television and Cinema for having provide turning Art and life into a living memory and thus having contributed over the years to effective registration and dissemination of performing arts.
This article seeks to reflect on theory of functioning of memory and its relationship with psychology, aiming to create a technological ecosystem for the enjoyment of an artifact that allows interaction and behaviors analysis.
With the objective of enhancing a metamorphosis of cinema (linear, non-interactive, passive spectator) and veejaying (non-linear) with interaction and activity of the spectators, audience and operator / director write in real time the narrative of a film, always unique and unrepeatable. Regarding that, we present an artistic creation that propose viewing of videos, challenging user to replicate movements screened and create its own performance, mediated by the operator.
From relationship with music (which can be composed for each performance), from dance movements performed, reaction to its own dance, visitor will test reaction to its memory and himself. It is intended verify the ability of the participant and operator to reach deep and visible immersion levels, reflecting throughout the text on the ability to evoke short-term memory, its forms of production and storage.

Palavras-chave Arte, Imagem, Memória, Artefacto.
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