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Ian (2018): uma curta-metragem em que cidadania e responsabilidade ética e moral são explicadas aos mais jovens por meio do forte impacto das imagens e dos sons propostos

Helena Maria da Silva Santana
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Maria do Rosário da Silva Santana
Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Portugal
N.º 12 (2021)
Publicado 2021-10-25


Ian, a Scottish variation of the name John and which means God is gracious, is a short film made by Abel Goldbard in 2018. The theme of this film addresses to inclusive education and the way how society understandings the citizens with difference. Inclusive education and the elimination of social and architectural barriers has been the slogan of different governments and municipalities over the past few years. The way in which social and cultural barriers have been eliminated in the classroom, through the presence of students with difference, leads to behavioral changes and acceptance of difference as other ways of existing and making us think about life and moral issues. Thus, Ian (2018), is a lesson in strength and life for young people and a way to elucidate schools how to address this issue for a more inclusive education. The film, deliberately without dialogues, excels in the speech of images and sounds, in what concerns the transmission of its message.
In this sense, and from this short animation film, we intend to clarify how the shapes, images, and rhythmic patterns (not only of sound but also of images) contribute to the creation of sound and visual elements loaded with meaning and dramatic intensity. These elements can be precious to elucidate the way we must exercise responsible citizenship rights in childhood.

Palavras-chave Som, Imagem, Educação, Deficiência, Cidadania.
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