Na perspetiva do movimento cinematográfico: ‘Desenhando uma linha de paisagem’.





In the perspective of the cinematographic movement, the ‘line’ implied in Drawing, as a means of aesthetic manifestation that accompanies man from immemorial time - become discipline of observation and systematic study as form of knowledge - is in this vision considered like a fundamental element of exploration, formation and understanding, when proposing the establishment of bridges between diverse and complementary areas of knowledge. Thus, through an in-depth study of the line element, it seeks to develop an intrinsic value to the Drawing, amplified by the approximation to an anthropological view of the line. By concretizing questions applied to observational levels of ‘a landscape line’, potential direct implications are related to the appropriation of levels of observation, movement studies and sustaining processes and creation for animated motion in cinema. The essay is presented through a reflection developed in three parts: the Design as a path of participated attention; approach to an anthropological view of the line; a line in the landscape animated. In this perspective, the artistic processes of observation and creation stand out, as fields of apprehension and study of what permanently moves, opening doors to contexts of animation cinema, in the framework of research and promotion of multidisciplinary knowledge that explore relationships between arts, media and culture.
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