Capítulo V _ Convidados

Práticas de roteiro: conceitos revisitados

Patrícia Dourado
CIAC/UAlg e PUC-São Paulo, Brasil
Cecília Salles
PUC de São Paulo, Brasil
Mirian Tavares
CIAC/UAlg, Portugal
N.º 11 (2020)
Publicado 2020-10-14


In ABC of Reading, Ezra Pound recalls the importance of listening to poets to understand poetry and to observe pictures (rather than books about pictures) to understand art history. We’ll talk about the screenplay. The premise is that used by Pound. To listen to screenwriters to understand poetry. To observe the screenplay to understand the history of cinematographic art. The study of the practice of different screenwriters of contemporary Brazilian cinema led us to review prevalent concepts in the bibliographies of this field. Among them, the concept of the screenplay itself. Other concepts revisited in this study are the concepts of narrative and spectator. The screenwriters whose practices contributed to this study are Anna Muylarte, Eliane Caffé, Karim Ainouz, Alê Abreu, Cão Guimarães and Leonardo Mouramateus. The analysis method consists of the mixed study of communicative practices and creative strategies, identified in the process records (screenplays, creation reports, and interviews), under the theoretical and methodological support of the Critical Theory of Creative Processes, as proposed by Cecília Almeida Salles. This research is also complemented by the concepts of continuity of mind, by Charles Sanders Peirce; of narrative as a creative process, by Paul Ricoeur.

Palavras-chave Guião, Diretores Brasileiros, Criação, Semiótica.
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