Capítulo I _ Cinema – Arte

"Na ombreira da porta”: Intersecções para a construção poética de música visual.

Ludmila Constantino da Silva Queirós
Universidade de Aveiro | DeCA, Portugal
Paulo Bernardino Bastos
Universidade de Aveiro | DeCA, Portugal, ID+ Instituto de Investigação em Design Media e Cultura, Portugal
N.º 10 (2019)
Publicado 2019-10-14


This article first addresses the threshold (place of frontier) between arts in a generic way. Later approaches particularly the poetic intersection between Image and Sound, considering some authors that move conceptually amongst these two arts, such as: John Cage and Nan June Paik and others that establish collaborations among themselves to elaborate artistic constructions between Image and Sound, such as the Quay Brothers (Stephen and Timothy Quay) and Karlheinz Stockhausen, Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass.
This article, as an antechamber to the investigation of the intersection between Sound and Image, intends to illuminate how the analysis of this articulation of movement between the threshold of Sound and Image (door jamb) and how one (image) can be analyzed as another (sound), or how the two approaches (image-sound) may be, metaphorically, very similar (intersections for the poetic construction of visual music). In what way Time and Space can also determine this common “poetic place” of building “music / sound - visual” or the inverse “visual - sound / music”, consequently, and in this way, alert to the experiencing of an artistic expression that, in my opinion, intersects with all others (inherent condition of contemporaneity).

Palavras-chave Imagem, Som, Música, Poesia, Interseção.
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