Emotions on pictures in motion
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Movies are stories that convey the viewer to intensely experiment deep-rooted emotional messages. Film contents are predominantly delivered through vision and audition perceptive channel senses, with a wide gamma of colour sets and sound atmospheres managed to create moods, able as well to generate equilibrium awareness effects, as motion pictures glide through our attention. They can trigger emotions, thoughts and memories, derived of personal ecosystem attention structures. Distinct behaviours at the message interpretation are predisposed by cultural antecedents, validation associations and a reflection of individual emotions. Communication is a process of interaction, that leads the individual to establish perceptual and cognitive relationships with the transmitted message, such as: sensing, selecting and signifying. Therefore, meanings generated by the movie scene unravelling can be enhanced by detailed scenic cinema photography composition, as well through electing specific hue palette, saturation and brightness on image implementation, features that drive to conform an involving narrative, modulating the communication space mediation on movie creation. The semiotic field understanding, at cinema photography aesthetics and color-grading, bring about new insights of how to achieve meaningful messages, that can produce enjoyment and connection between people, within the cinematic masterpiece.

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