Capítulo IV _ Cinema - Tecnologia

The Influence of Science Fiction in Healthcare Technology

Mª Alexandra Cardoso
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal


With technological advances, the human being becomes more and more reliant on technology. We use it to work, to enhance our social experience, to learn, and healthcare, is no exception to this. We are used to hearing concepts originated on Science Fiction coming to life in areas such as spatial exploration or even communication and see how it helps those teams know what consumers were expecting for the future. However, we rarely hear about it influencing the technologies that keep us alive. Has healthcare also benefited from Science Fiction worlds to create new or enhance their technological devices? This literary and cinematic genre pushes the boundaries of what is thought “possible” by idealizing artifacts that go beyond what is conceivable in their time. It is an outlet for those who want to imagine what the future might be like, without forgetting to distinguish possible or plausible from fantasy. In this article, I will go through why it is important to look to Science Fiction as a guide when it comes to conceptualizing new ways of incorporating technology in our healthcare, as well as how it has been done before.

Palavras-chave Ficção científica, Cuidados de saúde, Tecnologia, Ficção.
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