Capítulo IV _ Cinema - Tecnologia

Tempos de streaming. Implicações na produção audiovisual no Brasil

Bruna G. Malta Victal Teodoro
Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brasil
Glaucia E. Davino
Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brasil
N.º 11 (2020)
Publicado 2020-10-14


This research addresses a recent period of the trajectory of Brazilian audiovisual production and its relationship with contemporary platforms of distribution and consumption of video on demand, VoD. National production of films, soap operas, series and other audiovisual consumer goods, prior to digital technologies, remained in closed and limited models. The advent of the internet and streaming technologies have enhanced the opening of the market to new forms of business, untying the productions of these limits. The objective of this work was to verify, through analytical data provided by companies, data obtained from qualitative research and content from personal interviews with market professionals, in addition to the referenced bibliography, as this new market for online distribution of videos implied expansion of the Brazilian market, especially when we focus on production. This trajectory has shown us that VoD has effectively become another window of opportunity for the dissemination of national productions alongside public investment policies for the script development phase.

Palavras-chave Produção audiovisual brasileira, Tempos de streaming, Políticas públicas, Depoimentos profissionais.
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