Capítulo IV _ Cinema - Tecnologia

Development of Internet Television Broadcasting and Satisfaction in Internet Broadcasting

Tugay Arat
Akdeniz University, Associate Professor, Faculty of Communication, Turkey
Sedat Şi̇mşe
Selçuk University, Professor, Faculty of Communication, Turkey


Television and broadcasting technology has been constantly developing and renewing since its discovery. When developments in electronic and internet infrastructure were added to these developments, a new process emerged in television broadcasting. These systems, called IPTV or Internet TV, have become global systems with millions of members worldwide. Members can watch TV series, documentaries and movies as much as they want, wherever and whenever they want, on all screens connected to the internet. It can play, stop, and continue watching broadcasts at any time. In this study, the possibilities of Internet TV broadcasting are examined in various aspects and satisfaction research is conducted for Netflix users. The purpose of the study is to measure the overall satisfaction of people who are members of Netflix. Questionnaire Method was used to obtain data in the research. The questionnaire consists of 15 questions and was developed by the researcher. The universe of the research is students of Akdeniz University, Faculty of Communication in Turkey Its sample is 89 students representing the universe. The students were determined by the Easy Sampling method. SPSS statistics program was used to analyze the obtained data. Reliability test, Independent t test, anova test, frequency, percentage and average scores were used to evaluate the data.

Palavras-chave Transmissão pela Internet, Netflix, Filmes e Séries, Satisfação.
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