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Ethical Evaluation of the Use of Women in Advertisements

Imran Aslan
Selçuk University, Turkey
Sedat Şi̇mşe
Selçuk University, Turkey


Advertisements that offer consumers both lifestyle and behavior show women in forms. How should consumers’ physical appearance be is said in advertisements. The woman must be beautiful, well-groomed and thin in advertisements. If a fat, ugly or not well-groomed woman is in the advertisement, she changes thanks to the product. Thus, it is thought that consumers who take beautiful women in advertisements as role models will use the product by trying to be like them. The constant beautiful and attractive role of the woman revealed the problem of her commodification in advertisements. This causes ethical violations. Although the target consumers are not fellows, women appear as sexual objects in different product groups. It is common for women to be used in an admirable position other than the roles of housewife, employee, mother or spouse. Accordingly, advertisements can be divided into advertisements with or without sexual content. Women also attract attention in advertisements with or without sexual content. However, women are seen more in advertisements that emphasize sexuality.
This study aims to reveal which tabloid magazine advertisements are using women, in which role women are involved in these advertisements, and whether sexuality is used or not. For this purpose, content analysis was performed on 119 advertisements published in magazines and the data were evaluated in the SPSS program. As a result, it is concluded that sexuality is used in the advertisements involving women.

Palavras-chave Anúncio publicitário, Ética, Mulheres na publicidade, Gênero, Sexualidade.
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