Capítulo II _ Cinema - Cinema

Volumetric filmmaking, new mediums and formats for digital audiovisual storytelling

Francisco-Julián Martínez-Cano
Universidad Miguel Hernández, Spain


Currently, VR and AR film practice are expanding through the use of new techniques capable of producing footage that can be implemented in interactive audiovisual virtual discourses. Volumetric video is one of these resources, with which some authors have begun to create the very first interactive VR and AR movies. Many of these works have a prosocial purpose, as means to move the audience having an impact on society.
This work is based on a methodology structured in three phases. The results presented have been obtained from the study of Terminal 3, the first interactive augmented documentary, through an analysis model focused on these audiovisual productions.

Palavras-chave Audiovisual, Realidade Aumentada, Prática de Cinema, Realidade Virtual, Cinema Volumétrico.
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