PNC e Redes Sociais: um estudo em torno de desafios e oportunidades na web social


Redes Sociais
Plano Nacional de Cinema de Portugal



In this text, we reflect about the relationship between the Portuguese National Film Plan and the Social Networks, in the context of the current (network) society, presenting, for this purpose, the ongoing research project “Education, Film, Social Networks: a study about the Portuguese National Film Plan.” The theoretical framework of the study includes the concepts of open education and audiovisuals, envisaged under the theoretical triad Education / Film / Social Networks, with the aim of understanding how this Plan makes use of online digital social networks, the paradigmatic example of the tools associated to the social web. Moreover, the relationship between film, education and social networks is considered in particular, taking into account the digital lifestyles of contemporary society and the importance of developing and disseminating different literacies. Such reflections will also take into account the practice of the National Film Plan, an initiative of the Portuguese government created to promote the development of film literacy in the school environment. Finally, it will be possible to conclude that the connection between film and education goes back to the origins of film itself, having evolved not only with filmic technologies and pedagogical methodologies, but also with the influence of the new lifestyles in society. Thus, in today’s digital, online and audiovisual society, and since the relationship between cinema and education is dynamic too, it now finds both other challenges and new opportunities.
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