Percepções do clássico Alma no Olho e o cinema negro de Zózimo Bulbul


Cinema Negro
Zózimo Bulbul
Alma no Olho


This article purposes an observation of the sensations caused by watching the movie “Alma no Olho” (Brazil, 1974) from the writer, director, producer and actor Zózimo Bulbul. He started his career doing theater productions at the UNE (National Students Union) cultural center, was the first black man to play a lead role in the Brazilian television, having acted in more than thirty movies and directing six, including Alma no Olho, which will be discussed in this article. Through a research, done in person, we will analyse the perceptions the movie brings, whether they’re about historical, individual or social relations. It will also discuss a little about the definition of what is classic and a small biography from the master of the Brazilian black cinema, Zózimo Bubul.
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