Capítulo II _ Cinema - Cinema

O Oxímoro

Pedro Portugal
Universidade de Évora, Portugal
N.º 11 (2020)
Publicado 2020-10-14


THE OXYMORON is study for a 3rd degree Portuguese movie based in real facts. How to explain pedagogically the narrative, morphology and administrative limitations that restrain the production of image/movement objects in Portugal in the last 70 years.
Results, discontinuities and formal aestheticization of the Critical/Admiration v. Public/Disgust interaction related with the cinematographic production supported by the Portuguese state.
As an analytical study of the sociological, sexual, political, aesthetic and cultural information of Portuguese spirit manifestations in the images/movement socialized by film production in Portugal, it points out the framework of the unique cultural ability in the world to suspend time and postpone consumption with a product/image of high moral suffering that explodes extravagantly in contradictions.
THE OXYMORON became an investigation for a film/essay about how the language of Portuguese cinema brought it closer to the effect that paintings produced in the viewer before the appearance of cinema. Using a montage of fragments of Portuguese films, recreation of scenes, re-enactments of movie stories and author perspective account, the film informs us about this offbeat filmography characteristics that became (along with architecture) the main Portuguese cultural export in the 20th century.

Palavras-chave Pintura, Cinema, História, Imagem, Movimento.
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