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Fragmentos da autoria feminina no cinema brasileiro: considerações sobre o cinema de Gilda de Abreu (1904 - 1979)

Regina Glória Andrade
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Jose Francisco Serafim
Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brasil
Sandra Straccialano Coelho
Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brasil
N.º 11 (2020)
Publicado 2020-10-14


In the context of a growing interest in the investigation and rescue of different places occupied by women in the history of cinema, this paper proposes the specific consideration of one of its pioneers in Brazil: filmmaker, writer and lyric singer Gilda de Abreu (1904 - 1979), screenwriter and director of three feature films made between the ‘40s and’ 50s of the twentieth century. From the consideration of selected excerpts from the films O Ébrio (1946), Pinguinho de Gente (1949) and Coração materno (1951), this paper aims not only to contribute to a desired visibility of the trajectory of the artist - fundamental to a necessary revisionism of the history of cinema - but also to promote a close look at the audiovisual elements of these films capable of calling the debate about the very notion of an authorship in the feminine at the moment when such works were made.

Palavras-chave Pioneiro Brasileiro, Cinema e Arte, Estilo Feminino, Linguagem Feminina, Cinedia-Brasil.
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