El cine experimental mexicano como herramienta de enunciación crítica a partir de la colaboración artística entre Juan Rulfo y Rubén Gámez en La fórmula secreta (1965)
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Cinema Experimental Mexicano
La fórmula secreta



La fórmula secreta (1965) is a film with an approximate duration of 45 minutes, directed by Rubén Gámez, winner of the First Experimental Film Contest organized the same year in Mexico City. After making the film, Rubén Gámez asked the writer Juan Rulfo to intervene with a text of his own. The voice of Jaime Sabines was what gave life to the poem within the film. This intervention aims to generate a visual analysis of the 10 seconds contained in the first stanzas of the poem. The objective is to reflect on the symbolic power of the word, visuality and silence from the philosophical approaches of Gilles Deleuze around the cinema influenced by the narrative of Juan Rulfo and its current reception. These seconds to analyze have the subversive ability to encode new visuals in relation to the landscape, to an ontological enunciation of the peasant, to a different use of sound and silence within the film. The collective work between Gámez and Rulfo deserves to be investigated to offer new theoretical approaches related to the literary field, as well as to those images that characterize Mexican cinematography belonging to the second half of the twentieth century, which are mostly currently unknown.

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