Análisis del proceso creativo en el documental Looking for Richard: aproximación a las bases de la construcción de los personajes Shakesperianos desde el sistema Stanislavki y el método Strasberg
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Al Pacino



Analysis of the creative process in the documentary Looking for Richard: Approach to the bases of the construction of Shakespearean characters from the Stanislavki system and the Strasberg method.
The American actor, Al Pacino, in 1996 approached Shakespeare with his documentary Looking For Richard. A 112-minute film in which Pacino reflects on Shakespeare, the public’s perception of his works and the way in which the actors approach the characters.
In this article we propose a study of the film to analyze the acting methods used by Al Pacino and the rest of the cast to be able to play the roles of Ricardo III. The goal is to identify the bases of the Method through the work of Al Pacino and the rest of the North American actors opposite to the way of working of the English actors, as well as to establish the similarities with the Stanislavski System.
Through the case study we can discover the work of each interpreter and we will build on the methodological contributions of Stanislavski, as creator of the System, Strasberg as initiator of the Method and finally we will include Peter Brook as renovator of the English theater.
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