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A imagem da memória da escravidão como pano de fundo no documentário “A Última Abolição”.

Ivana Denise Grehs
UNESA, Brasil
N.º 11 (2020)
Publicado 2020-10-14


The image of the memory of slavery as a background in the documentary “A Última Abolição”.
In the universe of important historical reviews on slavery, the documentary “A Última Abolição” appears as a lesson of lucidity and as a denunciation of the practices of extermination of young black people nowadays. Constituted with sure and affectionate voices of mostly black historians, the film narrative is interspersed with archival images edited with provocative and didactic graphic interventions. Those images come from an iconographic and historiographic block, produced in the past by white artists and photographers from a perspective of power. In this study, we aim to reflect on the videographic choices that follow this and others documentary productions about racism and false racial democracy.

Palavras-chave Racismo, Escravidão, Imagem, Memória, Videografia.
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