Woman the Natural Nurturer: An Ecofeminist Study of Niki Caro’s The Whale Rider.
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This paper deliberates upon the impact of gender stereotypes in the Maori community proposing the role of women as the preserver of environment, enlightening the concept of ecofeminism. The research aims to explore The Whale Rider by Niki Caro analyzing the concept of gender valorization and the relationship between humans and the environment. The objective of the research is to highlight the concept of male dominance and draw parallels between the oppression of nature and the clampdown of women. The film displays the life of a coastal village in New Zealand, who trace their lineage back to the first Whale Rider through male descendants. Koro, the aging leader of the tribe, tries to ensure his line of succession, but when his first great-grandchild is female, he feels he must search the community for a new heir since in his mind women cannot be tribal leaders. Caro’s work has been analyzed in the concept of gender stereotype juxtaposing the concept of females as the natural nurturers. The camera angles of the protagonist demonstrate the natural struggle of a woman in a patriarchal setup.

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