Velocidade terminal: Tempo chronoscopico dos corpor obritais na composição sonora e musical.


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This essay presents the methodologies, meanings and challenges in the development of the “Dromology of Orbital Bodies”, Hugo Paquete project, started between 2019-2020 and still ongoing. The project aims to track military and commercial satellites, by converting their movement information in real time by a process of data sonification received from the hacked satellites. Therefore, this essay presents the technical challenges in the project building, as well some of the obtained sonic results. Also is presented the dimension of conceptual meanings associated with the project from a philosophical and critical point of view, in a combination of conceptual approach and technical exploration where concepts such as chronoscopic time, cyberpunk, gray ecology and acoustemology are related as conceptual frames, of a time where the sound happens mediated by technology. The presented concepts are influences in the production, composition and musical performance processes that I develop with special interest in systems theory and where unpredictability operates alongside real-time relationships. In this experimentation I use sound granularization and compositional aesthetic techniques historically centered in a noise and micro post-digital rhythm aesthetics.
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