Articulação sonora e visual em performances intermédia site-specific


Senso de lugar



Aiming to explore the diverse nature of sound and image, thereby establishing a bridge with the symbiotic creation of sensations and emotions, this paper aims to present the development and construction of a proposal for the creation of site-specific performances, based on sound and visual articulation and intermedia practices.
Using as focal points several places, the authors try to look beyond time and develop site-specific intermedia performances, attempting to understand the past and sketching new configurations for the (re)presentation of these places identity, guiding the audience through a journey of perceptual experiences, using ambient electronic music, soundscapes and videos.
This presentation also aims to present a practice-as-research project, which had as its starting point the apprehension of memories and the history of these places, emphasizing concepts such as local context, site-specific, sense of place and identity.
For this, the authors present the development of some experimental approaches and critical forms of expression and communication that relate or incorporate sound and visual mediums. They also bring forward some concerns about the aesthetic experience and communicative functionality, and how the relationship between art and technology has an effect on artistic culture and new contemporary site-specific intermedia performances.
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