Metamorfoses – Um projeto de videoarte e fotografia.


Manipulação de Imagem



Metamorphoses is a project whose objective is to induce introspective thinking about the search for perfection through the image. It refers to the existence of metamorphic gaze when the reflection of the self reproduces itself in the mirror: there remains the manifest contemplation of the individual as a reflected element and simultaneously a second surreptitious image created by the projection of the self. It is evidenced the artistic interpretation of the relationship of the subject with his reflection conditioned by social and cultural experience.
Many artists use their own bodies to convey a message through image manipulation, and this is the focus of the Metamorphoses project. Therefore, this paper intends to present the results of an artistic project that establishes a symbiotic connection between photography and video art to show a self-representation which was distorted by the mirror in order to question the ideas of identity and perfection. The conception of metaphors is emphasized by the manipulation of sound and image and the constant presence of the mirror in photographic and video art creation wants to highlight the narcissus myth as a symbolic representation of the culture of the selfies.
Thus, the article wants to divulge the experience of a scientific and artistic project that manipulates photography and video to communicate distorted transformations which an altered look may originate and that resulted in an art exhibition that reflects the structure of contemporary society in which the appearance and construction of Ideal images seem to be the foundation of the postmodern.
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