Corpo Transpessoal: O contributo espiritual da Performance para a construção pictórica.





After my practical-theoretical project - TRANSPERSONAL BODY - which seeks to question the meaning of the representing action of the transpersonal and numinous body in the context of the contemporary image (whether pictures and moving images). The practice is based on painting versus cinema as an expanded field, resulting from performative contexts, and on the relationship that is proposed in the experience of the poetry of the other.
The paradigm underlying the pictorial processes as an extension of the performative will be considered, in the context of the practice of ritual performance, from an anthropological perspective of the body, the study of symbols and archetypes and the verification of psychology transpersonal. For this, the video will be considered not only a documentary medium of the performative records (Practice-led Research), as well as an independent artistic object — it results as another element in the construction of the narrative of the actions between the body and the image — the performative body ritualized as an video object.
To the performativity intrinsic to the project, participative observation is proposed as a study method, using processes of personal and cognitive transformation in order to enhance expanded states of consciousness; as a contribution to the process of conquering the internal image (vision) and, in a concern with the transpersonal dimension, as well as for the visual (re) enchantment, relating art and spirituality.
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