A delineação e concretização dos conteúdos imagéticos em The Death of an Owl (2012) e No Green No Blue (2012) de Marta Alvim através de um sonoro de autor


The Death of an Owl
No Green No Blue
Processo Colaborativo
Marta Alvim
Filipe Lopes



The Death of an Owl and No Green on Blue are two shorts films by Marta Alvim that directs our attention to a world read through a focus that now designs in pure, simple and strong images of a new civilizational reality, as images continues and wisely blurred that induce another reading of reality, a reading that though ours is revealed to her as Western, and a transformed world. This fact, in conjunction with the sonorous and the static and repetitive predominant music written by Filipe Lopes, design the same reality for a second level of reading, where the objects, rhythms and spaces, there are metamorphosed, by the sound that handles the conscious and the unconscious of who saw and listen the film. The sensitivity of Marta Alvim, but also the composer Filipe Lopes, proves to be central to a new reaffirmation of the film narrative and image content. Starting from an essentially makeshift base, they are able to reach the sound, that the director was looking for. Through The Death of an Owl and No Green No Blue, we can discuss how focusing techniques and blurring, as well as sequencing and handling contribute to the realization of those short films. We can still reflect on how the compositional and collaborative process can be crucial for determining the filmic, narrative and musical contents. This allows us to reflect on the process of multidisciplinary artistic collaboration in contemporary film work, including the author.

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